Groupon - OKRP
Comedic music tracks help Groupon let you own the experience.
Culver's - Hiebing
A few spots from the fine folks at Hiebing and Culver's. Great people to work with and a really authentic campaign.
OKRP had great fun with an iconic jingle in 2016.
Central Florida Hospitals - Trozzolo | Prairie Dog
A challenging effects spot I did for some of my favorite people at Trozzolo | Prairie Dog.
Sea•Doo - Twitch Films
A video package for Twitch Films and Sea•Doo including TV, (here) dealer & web videos, (Web & Other Content Page) highlighting the 2017 line-up.
MU Health - Trozzolo
A 60 and two 30s, Directed by Kerry Shaw Brown of Rascals & Rogues, color by Mike Matusek of Nolo Digital Film.
Rivers Casino - OKRP
These four, in the know, captains of the long and black and shiny car have some window droppin' wisdoms for you. Color by Mike Metusak @ Nolo, Mix by Mark Ruff @ CRC and Graphic Animation by Sarofsky.
Big Lots - OKRP
Some work that has really put Big Lots! and OKRP on the radar of top retailers and advertisers respectively.
Missouri Credit Union - Trozzolo
A challenging compositing job with a lot of painting to make Hank fly. Directed by Kerry Shaw Brown.
Home Chef - OKRP
Editorial, Color, Motion Graphics & On-Line all by Makaitaka for the fine folks at OKRP
Alltel - Cambell-Ewald
A three spot campaign to promote a new unlimited plan for Alltel that a clandestine crew of competitors would like to get their hands on.
St. Agnes - Trozzolo | Prairie Dog
Some very uplifting spots from the great folks at Trozzolo. Directed by Kerry Shaw Brown, mix by Wheeler Audio, edit/color/compositing/motion graphics by Makaitaka.
A1 Steak Sauce - DRAFTFCB
A1 going back through two campaigns, "It's Personal" then, "It's That Important". These are some of my favorite spots. Written by one of my favorite copywriters, Pat Durkin.
Sears Optical - Sponge
These two spots kicked off the "Missing Something" campaign. Raccoon is one of my all time favorites. The folks at Sears must have liked it as well, as it ran on air on and off for almost four years.
This campaign was almost the end of me. Many late nights and all nighters with deadlines always looming. Luckily, I was working with some great people and we shared many laughs along the way.
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