Liberty Energy Day In The Life
This six minute video is an honest and forthcoming recruiting tool for Liberty Energy produced by Motion Projects. I cut, colored and did the VFX for this project.
Sprite Wakanda Forever
Momentum WW created an amazing promotion for Sprite. It was definitely award worthy. Working with footage from the film, shoots from events and creating some Wakanda level animated graphics, I cut, colored and mixed this piece.
A series of videos directed by Martin Rodahl that I edited and finished for Picture North.
Soup to nuts on this web 30 for Nipsco. Cut, color, sky replacements and VFX, (she didn't make that putt).
Papa John's
Get your phones out, here's a sample of the social blitz done to celebrate national pepperoni pizza weekend and the Papa John's Foundation.
American Express AP
Customer success stories for Momentum WW untalizing interviews and b-roll from multiple sources; shot, stock and customer supplied. These were soup to nuts for me, edit, color, mix, animated graphics and compositing fixes.
Part of a large package of videos for Sea•Doo via Twitch Films highlighting their 2017 line-up.
Central Waters
Web videos I edited, color corrected and on-lined for the fine folks at Hiebing and Central Waters Brewing Company highlighting various unique aspects of their brewery .
Four of nine pieces I cut, colored, on-lined, mixed and did motion graphics for the Marlin Agency via Big Spoon Productions. All B to B videos touting Unilever's brands, Knorr and Hellmann's to restaurant owners and managers.
A piece I cut for Lakespeed's Skip Tramontana. It is a re-enactment of a unique experience he had one morning. We put the story to video for his little girl's first birthday.
Outback Bowl
Webisodes to promote the Outback Bowl. Pitting rivals Coconut Shrimp Girl, (representing the BIG10), and Bloomin' Onion Man, (representing the SEC) against each other in a completion of pranks, practical jokes and "oneupmanship." Agency Wonderman.
Share the Table
Burrilla wanted to promote family dinner time with some very outgoing youngsters. Agency Y&R.
Riddell Insite
A web video to promote Riddell's Insite helmet impact system. Production partner Lakespeed.
The Roadmap
A piece I did for Western Union for a global conference using original footage, stock images and created motion graphics. Production partner Lakespeed.
Pet Focus Group
Two great improv actors bring big laughs as they try to control a focus group comprised entirely of pets. Ad Week's Ad of The Day on September 9th, 2014.